AIDS Law Project Meet with Javier

Meet with Javier

About Javier Joshi

Javier Joshi is a social justice advocate working to fight the legal and social injustices faced by people living with HIV/AIDS. He has been involved in the fight for equality since 2012, when he founded the AIDS Law Project in Los Angeles, California.

Prior to founding the AIDS Law Project, Javier worked as an attorney in a private practice specializing in civil and human rights litigation. His extensive experience representing clients who were victims of discrimination motivated him to launch the AIDS Law Project. He saw first-hand how vulnerable populations like people living with HIV/AIDS were being denied access to medical care and legal services due to fear of discrimination and stigma.

The goal of the AIDS Law Project is to provide free legal assistance to members of underserved communities facing issues related to their HIV status. Through his work, Javier strives to empower individuals living with HIV/AIDS by advocating for their rights and helping them navigate complex legal issues. He also works directly with community organizations and government agencies that provide resources for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Javier’s passion for social justice has led him to speak out on pressing issues within the LGBT community such as marriage equality, transgender rights, healthcare reform, and homelessness prevention programs. His advocacy has earned him recognition from various organizations including Lambda Legal’s Equal Justice Award (2013), Out Magazine’s “Out 100” list (2014), GLAAD Media Awards (2015), and Pride LA’s Humanitarian Award (2017).

In addition to his work at the AIDS Law Project, Javier serves on numerous boards including The Center for Health Justice; The Los Angeles LGBT Center; Lambda Legal; Just Detention International; Transgender Law Center; Housing Works LA; Gay Men’s Health Crisis NYC; Equality California Institute; and The National Black Justice Coalition. He also volunteers as a mentor at local law schools offering guidance on best practices for public interest lawyers tackling tough cases around LGBT rights laws.

Javier’s commitment to fighting discrimination against those living with HIV/AIDS continues today through his work at the AIDS Law Project. By providing free legal assistance, he hopes to create a more just society where everyone can live without fear of discrimination based on their HIV status.